Consulting Services

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Software Development

The focus in software development is to know existing standard solutions and to apply them quickly and efficiently. It is only necessary to implement the parts and aspects of a solution that are not otherwise available and usable.
Software is made available to the customer in frequent releases and through the use of appropriate iterations. Care is taken to ensure that the customer can benefit as quickly as possible from the product or project.

Systems and Processes

In existing systems, there is often the opportunity to optimise or adapt to new tasks. Here Rehsco has many years of experience in the analysis and implementation of these projects.
Especially in the new development of systems, we have experience. The complete life cycle of a project is very familiar to us:

  • Specification of the task
  • Compilation of one or more teams
  • Project kick-off
  • Implementation of the project including quality assurance
  • Handover and documentation for the end customer
  • Training on the new or changed system


QA - Quality Assurance

A daily companion in the development of systems is quality assurance. We like to code-review the entire source code, with every change being reviewed internally by team members. Automatic unit and integration tests ensure in Continuous Integration and Delivery that you always know the status of the project and its quality and can perform a release with a short warning.
During development, architectural reviews and risk assessments are also carried out to enable planning and plan changes.


The training covers the following areas:

  • Software development and source quality
  • Seminars and courses around the different activities of Rehsco
  • Advice on the project implementation
  • Agile coaching (Scrum, Lean)