System Integration

For many years we have worked on projects regarding distributed loosely coupled systems, database management and report automation.
We provide solutions and development assistance for our customers. From assisting in data management to full scale solutions.

Communication Systems

Our experience in communication systems is based on large scale projects in Denmark, Dubai and Germany on both Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems, where both J2EE and .NET platforms have been integrated.

Project Management

We have experience in IT Project Management and offer this as an service for medium to large business projects in the following areas:

  • System Integration
  • Mobile Software Development and Integration
  • Communication Systems
  • Technology Transfer
  • General and Domain Specific Software Development

Either we work under an existing project model or we help to define one suited for the company or the project. Depending on the project type, we help to define Change Management Plans, Project Plans, Resource Plans, Release Plans and Test Plans.

We primarily work within the Agile process, such as Scrum and Lean.

Mobile Development

Our main focus on Enterprise Mobile development is based on the Apple iOS platform in order to facilitate the continuity of the platform and to keep total cost of ownership, which is maintenance and support at a minimum for our customers.

We can also provide Android solutions, if the customer has the requirement.