Consulting Info

System Integration

For many years we have worked on projects regarding distributed loosely coupled systems, database management and report automation.
We provide solutions and development assistance for our customers, where we create a database abstraction layer using Hibernate, NHibernate, ADO.NET and of course also SQL at the connected layer, if a higher level of abstraction is unwanted. We have experience with the Oracle 10g and MS SQL Server commercial databases as well as with the MySQL and PostgreSQL database system.
Crystal Reports is used to automate the process of generating documentation and reports. The process is integrated into the customers solution.

Communication Systems

We are experts in using and configuring Message Oriented Middle-ware solutions. Solutions from Sonic Software are one of our most applied products in the field of system integration and service oriented architecture.
The experience is based on large scale projects in Denmark and Germany on both Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems, where both J2EE and .NET platforms have been integrated.

Project Management

We have experience in IT Project Management and offer this as an service for medium to large business projects in the following areas:

  • System Integration
  • Communication Systems
  • Message Oriented Middle-ware related projects

Either we work under an existing project model or we help to define one suited for the company or the project. Depending on the project type, we help to define Change Management Plans, Project Plans, Resource Plans, Release Plans and Test Plans.